Ultima Thule Lodge Alaska

This luxury lodge experience amongst the bears and moose offers guests VIP access into a rugged land, not seen by most

Deep within the landscape of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the Ultima Thule Lodge sits, offering guests VIP access into rugged land, not seen by most. Situated on the mighty Chitina River, this wilderness lodge will have you living in luxury amongst the bears and moose of the Alaskan landscape. Wake to sweeping mountain views and have breakfast while waiting to start your day, constrained to no itinerary other than the adventures of the great outdoors.


Why The Ultima Thule Lodge? 

With exclusive access to a seemingly untouched stretch of Alaskan wilderness, you will find your pace of life significantly slowed. Wandering the outdoors and retreating back to a rustic looking and luxurious cottage will become your daily routine and snow peaked mountains and colorful plains will become your everyday scenery. Comfort is not all that you will find at Ultima Thule lodge, plenty of adventure awaits you too. Extraordinary features of the Ultima Thule Lodge include:

  • On-site vegetable garden
  • Hiking, skiing, fishing
  • Wood fired sauna
  • Self-spa
  • Glacial drinking water and locally caught fish and game served in the on-site restaurant
  • Included flight safaris from March until October
  • Access to glacier picnics, alpine plateaus and incredible salmon fishing



The Alaskan wilderness is rough but the Ultima Thule Lodge welcomes you with a warm and cozy place to call your own. Constructed with locally sourced wood, every inch of the lodge has been crafted to reflect the absolute beauty of nature. With tapestries, artwork and handmade furniture that reflect the way the elements perfectly complement each other outdoors, each cabin is a play on Alaska’s natural habitats. The cabins offer:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • King sized feather bed
  • Full bathroom
  • Furnished sitting room
  • Mountain and river view
  • Traditional décor featuring stained glass windows, leather furniture and cherry writing desk

Make it Extra Special

Alaska is still considered one of North America’s more exotic and untouched locations. Don’t allow your visit to this vast state end at Ultima Thule Lodge. Try adding one of these exciting adventures on to your journey:

    • Drive 1,000 miles through wilderness on the Alcan highway
    • Take a multi-day kayaking journey through the Beardslee Islands
    • Hike the historic Chilkoot Trail on a 3-5 day excursion
    • Observe brown bears hunting for salmon in Katmai National Park
    • Go white water rafting in six mile creek

Alaska is the land of adventure and there is still much of it to be explored. Let Ultima Thule Lodge be your home base for discovering all of this wild state’s hidden gems.


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