My Paws REsort Montana

If you want to experience America, truly experience America, then a holiday to Montana will give you a true “wild-west” adventure. Forget the crowds of New York City and the bright lights of Las Vegas, replace the hustle and bustle with towering mountains, roaming horses, real cowboys and a vast expanse of the great outdoors. Located within 37,000 acres of a working cattle ranch, the Paws Up Resort will give you a luxury roof over your head while you venture out to explore the authentic American countryside.


Paws Up Resort?

Besides its ideal location at the edge of Blackfoot river and endless mountain ranges, the Paws Up Resort gives guests the opportunity to experience all the benefits of an organized trip into the wild without any of the negatives. Venture off the ranch to horseback ride and fish, take on adventures in the river or learn about the natural environment in a hands-on workshop. When you’re worn down from days spent outdoors, retreat to the ranch’s spa tents for a deep tissue or hot stone treatment. Fill up after a long day of action at one of the on-site restaurants, bar or during one of the themed dinner experiences. Highlights of the resort include:

  • Organic and locally sourced food in all restaurants
  • Dining experiences such as a farm-to table day spent alongside the chef, a wagon drawn picnic by the river and a campsite feast
  • Fitness classes such as yoga and a “Grizzly Man” fitness course
  • Spa tents with both western and eastern techniques
  • Wilderness workshops
  • Options for a skiing and snowboarding excursions during winter months
  • Family, couples and group activities
  • Included facilities for sports and games


In the spirit of the great outdoors, the accommodations at Paws Up have been designed to resemble a family cabin in the woods. Ok, these suites are probably a bit more luxurious than what is offered on an average family camping trip but they still generate that cozy, campfire feeling. With wooden paneling, floors and furniture, the décor reminds of its immediate and wild surroundings. Guests have plenty of interesting options when choosing a place to temporarily call their own. The options are as follows:

  • Luxury Homes: These homes come in five varieties and range in size between 1,200 square feet and 2,100 square feet. Room availability ranges from 1 to 3 and bathrooms range from 1 to 2. Each home also includes a roomy deck and six person hot tub. If guests choose the master suite, this will also come with a cozy sitting area.
  • Luxury Camping: These glamorous tents allow guests to experience camping in the wild without sacrificing luxury and comfort. Whether you stay on a campground or choose a luxury home with an additional tent outside, you will get the full “glamping” experience. There are five different camp sites to choose from, all offering stunning views. All tents include an en-suite bathroom with tub, shower and dining space. Depending on the camp, some include fireplaces and butlers.

Make it Extra Special

Experiencing the real American west is already quite a special experience, but if you really want to send it over the top, you must dig deeper into your surroundings and the culture. Both on and off the ranch, delve into some of these activities for an all around authentic Montana vacation.

    • Take equestrian lessons and go horseback riding through the plains
    • Take a hot air balloon ride over the valleys
    • Mingle with mountain goats in Glacier National Park
    • Go kayaking and hiking on the Lewis and Clark Trail
    • Visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

A trip to Montana is a true American adventure and what better way to experience the beautiful wilderness than to do it in luxury and style.


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