Fogo Island Inn Newfoundland

Fogo Island Inn is a gem of luxury to be uncovered in a remote and stunning location

Literally situated on an island off the coast of Newfoundland, the Fogo Island Inn is a gem of luxury to be uncovered in a remote and stunning location. Set in a traditional fishing village, the landscape is a favorite of artists and creatives who find the value amongst the endless natural beauty. At Fogo Island Inn, they have managed to preserve traditions while creating a sleek and contemporary design that feeds off of and nurtures the environment in which it exists.

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Why The Fogo Island Inn?

Aside from its remote and absolutely gorgeous landscape, the inn itself overlooks the Labrador waters in its futuristic glory. From the building’s design to its emphasis on art, every inch of it has been created in the image of an authentic Fogo Island home. Each room has been built to be welcoming, every meal is crafted to be nourishing and the overall experience is designed to be educational and culturally stimulating.


At Fogo Island Inn, guests will experience:

  • A wood-fired sauna
  • Hot tubs located on the roof for epic views
  • An on-site art gallery
  • A gym
  • An on-site library, featuring numerous readings on Newfoundland history
  • Optional workshops on drawing, painting and collage making
  • Award winning restaurant with locally sourced ingredients
  • Cultural workshops and guided exploration of the surroundings


As the accommodations at the Fogo Island Inn have been designed by local artists, guests can expect to rest their heads amongst an actual work of art. Traditional furniture, wallpaper and rugs make up the base of this design as bedding, large windows, soaking tubs and wood-stove fireplaces fill in the details. Ocean views and a rugged coastline are only an added benefit to the luxurious rooms themselves. The inn has four different suites, one of which is located on its own floor and is considered the premier corner loft suite. Guests will experience:

  • Views of the ocean
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • In-floor heating
  • Organic, natural fiber beds
  • Heated toilet seats and added bidet
  • Walk-in showers
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Make it Extra Special

After a secluded, artistic and intellectual retreat at the Fogo Island Inn, guests are encouraged to explore the surroundings of Newfoundland. The unique landscape is conducive to matchless experiences that can only be had in this setting. Consider pairing your stay with:


  • Chartering a boat for Atlantic Cod Jigging during the summer months
  • A visit to the Viking settlement, L’anse aux Meadows
  • Hiking around Grose Morn National Park
  • Viewing icebergs in late May to early June
  • Viewing Puffins in Elliston from May until September

Newfoundland is a cultural treasure that has perfectly mastered its existence with the beauty of nature. Come to see the landscape and stay for the lavish comfort afforded to you at Fogo Island Inn.


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