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Pebble Beach on steroids

One of the top 50 golf courses in the world and less than 1 year old, Cabot Cliffs has been referred to as “Pebble Beach on steroids” With an expert caddy in tow, you hit one of Canada’s only true links courses, ready for a day entirely focused on the sport. Golf is not a mere activity for you on this holiday and you revel in the fact that your entire experience is dedicated to the game. Your five star breakfast, luxurious accommodation and craft cocktails are all but accessories to the main focus of your golfing experience. The ball soars over sand dunes as you admire your shot from the high cabot cliffs of which the course is crafted and each day you end the game overlooking the setting sun over the shimmering sea.

cabot cliffs

Create a luxury golfing experience that doesn’t skimp on the details. Pair your game with:

  • Lavish accommodation designed by an award winning interior designer
  • Five star restaurant
  • Upscale bar with fine wines and whiskies
  • Coastal landscape views
  • Expert caddie services


Spend endless days on the green and retreat back to luxury, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream anymore. Find out how….


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