Stay in an Ice Hotel

Enjoy a luxurious igloo, where your gourmet breakfast is served piping hot

View the northern lights from your frosty fortress

Waking on your ice frame bed, you unbundle from the covers, specially designed to keep you warm in a fortress made of cold. Although you reside in a luxurious igloo, your gourmet breakfast is served piping hot as you will need the internal warmth for the day’s activities. Dog sledding and ice sculpting keep you busy during the day and the northern lights capture your attention after dark. After a day spent exploring the Arctic beauty, you retreat back to the ice bar for a cocktail and warming meal before retreating to your fortress, perfectly crafted in the image of nature’s frozen beauty.


A night in an ice hotel is about much more than the destination itself. Finding shelter amongst one of nature’s most challenging elements is a truly unique and impressive experience. Don’t worry, the hotel itself is only the beginning.

Consider pairing your experience with …

  • A viewing of the northern lights
  • Dog sledding
  • Snowmobile tours
  • Ice sculpting
  • Horseback riding
  • Skiing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Sauna sessions
  • White water rafting

If an ice hotel sounds like a unique way to spice up your travels, what are you waiting for? See how we can help get you into a frosty fortress tonight!


Let us create your ideal travel experience.