Romance in France

Lacy Lingerie, immaculate pastries, cyling journeys & picnics

French romance lures in admirers without much effort

There’s a certain romance in the art of presentation-and presentation, is what the French are all about. From immaculate pastries in  patisserie windows to lacy lingerie in perfectly designed store fronts, the French put their best foot forward as first impressions are everything. Just as the most tantalizing feeling of a new romance is in the detail, the French turn on the charm through their attention to fine features within their art, cuisine and design.


Flirt With France

France has been blessed with such natural beauty that it lures in admirers without much effort. Take a bicycle tour with the one you love through the endless lavender fields that lace Provence or picnic at the base of the alps in Rhone where you can share wine straight from the vineyards. Inspired by the stunning landscape, the French have crafted their cities to encapsulate the romantic feelings of the natural world. Getaway to Paris together and wander through cobblestone alleys, explore hidden gardens, get lost in museums and spend the evening lying beside the Eifel Tower, gazing at the shimmering sky.


Stay a While

While romance is found in the city streets and within the landscapes, there is certainly a need for it in a place you can call your own. Hide yourselves away in some of the most luxurious hotels from the Four Seasons to the Shangri-La. Our exclusive partnerships with leading accommodations around the country will afford you the best prices and available upgrades in your home away from home.

Make it an Experience

If you want to transition your time from a romantic getaway into a unique, romantic experience, this country makes it easy. Create a gastronomic journey through the vineyards of the countryside and learn to cook together through the teachings of experienced French chefs. Visit the burlesque shows and risqué underbelly of the Parisian nightlife scene or dedicate an entire holiday to art gallery openings, wine and cheese tastings and museum hopping with your partner.


Let us create your ideal travel experience.