Climb a Mountain

Majestic and Tall, Mt. Kilimanjaro awaits

Are you ready to conquer the tallest mountain on the African Continent


You’ve been preparing for this world famous accent for months and after choosing the perfect path, you set off for “Africa’s Roof.” Equipped with quality gear and a top of the line guide, you take off with a group of new friends, ready to conquer the tallest mountain on the African Continent. Struggles are met with sweeping valley views and sweat is dried by the cool mountain breezes that tickle your cheek. Gorgeous vistas offer you views of antelope and buffalo in the distance, sharing in your experience, even if they don’t quite know it. Specialty hiker’s cabins become your personal sanctuary as you rest your weary legs for the night and wake again in the morning, happy to do it all over. Each morning when you rise, you feel ready and willing to conquer one of Africa’s greatest challenges.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is not only Africa’s highest mountain but it is one that doesn’t require a great skill set to climb. With seven different routes available to make it to the top, all skill levels can feel confident about putting together this experience. Let us help you choose the right guides and route to create the most ideal journey for you.


For a more well rounded African experience, consider pairing your venture with:


  • Assistance packing the essentials
  • Trekking insurance
  • Assistance with acclimatization
  • Perfectly paired trekking guides
  • A Tanzanian or Kenyan Safari
  • A visit to the island of Zanzibar

If you want to climb a world famous mountain at your own pace, find out how you can create a memorable trek outlined by your very own preferences.


Let us create your ideal travel experience.