Thailand's Bucket List experiences are endless

besides its obvious beauty, Thailand offers a complete travel experience

8 Cool ways to experience Thailand


Tropical, exotic and full of culture, a visit to Thailand can have you crossing multiple items off the bucket list. While planning your next getaway, keep Thailand in mind as besides its beauty, it offers a well rounded travel experience.


Hang Out With Elephants

The symbol of the elephant can be seen all over Thailand-carved into temples, featured in artwork and printed on clothes. Luckily for visitors, these gentle giants can be seen up close and personal from almost any location in the country. Largely popular throughout the countryside of Chiang Mai, elephant camps allow visitors to pet, observe, feed and bathe these amazing creatures. Just make sure to support ethical camps who don’t allow riding.

Take a Cooking Course

Internationally loved, Thai food is full of distinct flavor that sets it apart from similar Asian cuisine. They take their cooking traditions quite seriously and after a couple green curries and Pad Thai dishes, you may want to learn how to recreate the them at home. Cooking courses can be found all over the country and their teachers are happy to show you the ropes in cooking Thai dishes and desserts. Most will take student groups to the local markets to shop for ingredients before putting them to work in the kitchen.


Get a Traditional Thai Massage

Thai people take their health seriously and spa treatments dominate as a way to achieve this. No matter which town or city you visit, there will be at least one establishment offering these traditional spa treatments on every street. You will be pulled, twisted and slightly beaten by a smiling Thai woman, but will feel absolutely fantastic by the time it ends.

Watch a Muay Thai Fight

The techniques used in Muay Thai fighting are traditional and truly unique to any other fighting you may have seen. Make sure to catch one of the matches and cheer along with the crowd for whoever you want to win. It’s hard to choose one however, as they both will display acts of respect for one another, making it hard not to love them both.


Do a Muay Thai Training

After witnessing your first real Muay Thai fight, it’s time for you to get in the rink. Lessons are offered all over the country and you will be paired with trainers who will whip you into shape. Start with a warm-up jog, get schooled on the techniques and then try your luck against one of the boxing bags or your trainer inside the rink.

Chat With a Monk

Robed and bare footed, you are highly likely to see monks wandering the streets of Thailand. Luckily for you, many of these monks want to learn English and temples scattered around the country (especially in Chiang Mai) offer a chance for you and a monk to sit down and have a chat.

Experience Songkran

The world’s biggest water gun fight is no exaggeration. For three days in April, you will see entire cities (especially Bangkok and Chiang Mai) shut down for a wet and wild celebration. No one is safe from a flying bucket-full of water or a Super Soaker in their direction so make sure to leave your valuables at home.  Party in the streets and make new friends by pouring a cup of ice cold water down their backs.


Take a Tuk Tuk Ride Through Bangkok

Bangkok is an overwhelming city with motorbikes whizzing by, food stalls in the streets and tourists snapping pictures of the massive buildings.  Instead of walking for miles or adhering to tunnel vision on the trains, hop in a tuk-tuk (open taxi cart) and feel the rush as you are escorted through the streets. You will be surrounded by Bangkok’s sights and sounds with a local who actually knows where they are going.

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