Selman Palace Morocco

Palatial luxury in your exclusive Moroccan retreat with the iconic Atlas mountains as your backdrop

Selman Palace- Morocco


Erected within the former site of the Terra Cotta Palace, the Selman Palace sits just beside Marrakesh, exuding the lavish aura of a structure chosen for a location of excellence. If a Moroccan vacation sounds exotic, that’s because it is and every bit of its culture and feel has been recreated within this Palace’s design.  Pair the look with experiences that can only be had in a Moroccan setting, and you will have yourself an enviable, luxury holiday.


Why Selman Palace?

Both inside and out, the Selman Palace strives to give you a unique experience both pampering yourself and exploring Marrakech. In an Arabian Nights style setting, ignite your experience by a visit to the in-house Chenot spa where skilled technicians will practice innovative methods for balancing your body and well-being in a tranquil setting. Get in a fantastic workout at the fitness room, soothe your muscles in the hydro-pools and head to the restaurant and bar to dine with sophistication in the dimly lit and sultry setting. For a break from the indoors, wander to the Selman’s stables and oversee the pure bred Arabian horses as they amble about the manicured grounds. Besides a feeling of royalty, other benefits of the Selman include:

  • A healthy Biolight cuisine
  • Olympic sized swimming pool with bar
  • A pavilion restaurant overlooking the stables
  • In-room dining
  • Spa center with traditional Hamman rooms and heated hydrotherapy pools
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi


Decoration and design were key when crafting the rooms and suites of the Selman. To drive home the feeling of antiquity, modern devices have been hidden away by traditional textiles, artwork and handcrafted tiling. Silky drapery and colorful tapestries welcome guests as they retreat to a personal kingdom that they can call their own. The Palace offers three different styles of accommodation:


  • Riad: These private villas are set away from the Palace and feature a patio leading to a curtain enclosed living space. They range in size from 580m and feature a 15m pool and private garden. Additionally, guests here will be afforded with a personal butler.


  • Junior Suite: Paying homage to Moroccan craftsmanship, these suites are decorated with mosaic tiling, leather trunks, latticework and detailed textiles. Rise lazily and start your day with a view of the Atlas Mountains from the terrace.


  • Superior Room: Located on the ground floor, these rooms give guests the perfect garden view. A highlight of the Superior Room is the large marble bathroom that is adorned in black and white tiles and hosts a separate shower and dressing room.


Make it Extra Special


In addition to a luxurious living situation, consider pairing your stay with at least one of these enchanting activities to make it extra special:

  • Eat a private lunch at the Moroccan retreat, Kasbah Tamdot, owned by the infamous Richard Branson
  • Join a tour of Marrakech City and discover the historical sites and bustling souks.
  • Take a 4 by 4 adventure amongst the background of the famous Atlas Mountains.
  • Take a camel trek through the desert.
  • Visit the Agafay Stone Desert and experience the luxurious practice of “glamping” under the stars.

It may be close to Europe but Morocco is indeed a unique entity of culture and class. Come see it for yourself and be treated like royalty while you’re at it.







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