B in Bali is for Bucket Lists

From Beaches, Diving, Healing and Dancing, Bali is Breathtaking

B in Bali is for Bucket Lists

Some of my Favorite Bucket List Experiences in Bali

I love Bali! My wife loves Bali. Honeymooners, yoga teachers, in fact everyone I know who has ever been there, loves Bali. It has a whole lot to offer, and makes it one of the most incredible places to visit at least once before you die. When you arrive, it almost slaps you in your face with its rich, diverse and colorful culture. Then carefully slows and calms you down with its ultra chic and spiritual vibe, healthy food, beaches, soulful retreats and it’s stunning natural setting pulls it all together. If you are planning to visit Bali, here are some of our favorite bucket list experiences on the island!

Bali surf Blaycation

Take a Surf Lesson in Canggu

Canggu is the ultimate surf town. Long haired, tanned skinned locals and expats can be seen lugging surf boards to the beach and almost every motorbike has a side rack for carrying them. You can book a room in a surf hotel and hang out for a cocktail at one of the beach bars. Visit Echo Beach and you will be sure to find a stand of locals offering surf lessons each day. You will get to experience a lesson from someone who has been living and surfing in Bali all of their lives.

bali dance

Watch a Balinese Dance Performance

Everything about a Balinese dance performance is special. They dance with every part of their body including their eyes, finger tips and facial expressions. Each dance tells a different story, sometimes there is fire involved, sometimes you can hear chanting and you are sure to be in for an amazing performance every time. The best part? The costumes, elaborate makeup and traditional music.

bali ricefields

Visit The Rice Fields

The Tegalalang Rice Fields are a top Bali tourist attraction and certainly worth the visit. Come for sunrise if you want the best views and photos and to beat the heat. While they are beautiful themselves, a short motorbike around the area will offer even more authentic fields and the workers who tend them.

Get Healthy in Ubud

The cultural and spiritual center of Bali, Ubud is full of yoga studios, meditation retreats, and alternative healing therapies. The raw/vegan food scene dominates and you will easily find places to do a juice detox or try a healing tea tonic. The night life scene here is quite low key as everyone is getting to bed early in order to make it to yoga class in the morning.

Go Snorkeling in Ahmed

This coastal town is new to tourists and doesn’t have a whole lot going on. However, it is the perfect place for a snorkeling or diving getaway. Get your scuba certification in between lounging on the beach and make sure to snorkel the Japanese ship wreck that is right off the shore.

shannon Bali

Go Hiking in The Secret Gorge

You will need a motorbike to get to it and will have to wear some sturdy shoes, but the scene at the gorge is worth it. You will climb over giant boulders, wade in the river, balance across log bridges and scale rock faces all in one visit. It’s beautiful, eerily quiet and off the beaten track.

Take  a Day Trip to Nusa Penida

Though technically not in Bali, I had to put Nusa Penida on the list. It’s just a 40 minute boat ride away and is an almost untouched paradise. This island is more for the independent tourist as there is not much infrastructure or restaurants. The natural scenery makes a slightly more difficult travel experience worth it and you can snorkel with wild Manta Rays, go scuba diving with the Mula Mula Fish and swim in a natural infinity pool.

If Bali is on your travel Bucket List please let us know we’d be delighted to help.

Photo’s courtesy of Joshua Johnson


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